Shema Shine

Shema Shine was born to make music. In the small town of Ocala, she found her place playing alongside church musicians at the early age of 12. “I first played the piano at the age of 3. No one showed me how. It was just something I wanted to do,” she recalls.

She picked up her first guitar at the age of 12 and after much time building callouses and lugging her uncles guitar around, she would go on to purchase her own. This was the start of a great adventure. Her career began in the local country clubs, bars, and restaurants. She made her beginnings crooning for guests as they shared moments. You could also find her rocking her fender strat with a ripping band playing behind at the neighborhood bar.

Shema plays simple, wholesome music, for any and all who wish to share in the magic of music with her. That is what makes Shema Shine.


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